All site work performed by Graco Concrete, Inc., including slip form curb, is done with our own curb and gutter machine. We works for a variety of general contractors throughout northeastern Ohio.


Concrete Foundations

Concrete Walls

Every structure contains concrete, however it is the structural concrete wall that requires the most unique skill set that Graco Concrete is known for in the industry.  If you need the wall to hold up your building, hold back an embankment, or you need flood zone remediation, it is old hat to Graco concrete.

Slab on Deck

Graco Concrete will review of your project, and use their knowledge of engineering principles, placement and properties of structural steel to maximize the slab’s design load and minimize deflection.  It is the steel in the structural slab on deck that is the critical element for design loads and not the concrete thickness.

Slab on Grade design load relies mainly on the characteristics of the concrete such as compression strength and the flexural strength of its base materials. Graco Concrete only uses ODOT approved materials in the construction of building and pavement slabs.

Slab on Grade

At Graco we pride ourselves with the ability to do precision demolition and reconstruction within every context.  This allows your business to possible remain open while we are remodeling and customer safety.

Demo & Replacement

Curb & Streetscapes

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